Smashbox Primer Water Review


I purchased my bottle of smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water from the Birchbox Website; it was $32.00 for 3.9oz.  This is what Birchbox said about Primer Water:

“The hydrating, superfine facial mist uses revitalizing electrolytes to leave your skin looking radiant, creates a sheer canvas for makeup application, and helps lock in makeup to give you photo-ready finish. It’s everything you love about a primer—in an extra light, refreshing formula that’s free of silicone, alcohol, and oil.”

The instructions for using primer water are: Hold 8–10 inches from face and mist over skin before and after makeup application. Reapply throughout the day to refresh as needed.

The box goes on to say that Primer Water can be used as a primer and as a setting spray.  Additionally, the box states that Primer Water can be used to hydrate the face or to revitalize makeup during the day.

I tried using Primer Water for each of the suggested uses for one week.

  • As a primer, I gave Primer Water Four-Stars

When I used Primer Water before applying cosmetics, it did seem to make my makeup last notably  longer.  However, I had to wait for the mist to dry before I could apply my foundation.  In addition, I prefer more of a matte look and Primer Water does not give me the matte finish I love.

  • As a Setting Spray, I gave Primer Water 2-star

When I used Primer Water after applying my makeup, I did not get the same feeling as I get from my previous setting spray.  Rather than feeling like hairspray for the face, the Primer Water just felt damp.  I did not notice any additional changes in makeup longevity after using Primer Water as a setting spray.  However, I gave it two stars because it kept my skin hydrated for longer during the day.

  • For skin hydration, I gave Primer Water five-stars

When I use Primer Water during the day, I could feel the hydrating properties at work.  It truly was an easy way to hydrate my skin without removing my makeup first.  I believe this is one of Primer Water’s best qualities.

I probably will not be purchasing Primer Water again in the future.  For $32.00, I can find a primer that gives me the Matte finish I look for and causes my makeup to stay in place for longer.  However, for those who like a dewy finish and need extra hydration, Primer Water would be a must have.

If you have used Primer Water, let me know what you thought in the comments 🙂


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One Response to Smashbox Primer Water Review

  1. Ive been on a hunt for a GOOD primer for a while now – will check this one out when I’m next in Sephora. Awesome thorough review!

    Glad you followed my little blog : )

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