Ipsy April 2015

20150416_150440_Richtone(HDR) Contents:

the Balm Nude Dude eyeshadow single – fit

Mica Beauty eye primer

Elizabeth Arden moisturizing lipstick – Red Door Red

Mullein & Sparrow mini lip and cheek tint

Pandora’s Makeup Box blush – Pink Carnation

and the Beautifully Bohemian bag

The first thing that struck me about this month’s bag is that it contains all cosmetics, which is awesome!  The tiny Nude Dude sample is great and I think the shimmery bronze color is pretty.  Sadly, I have gotten about 10 shimmery bronze colored eyeshadows this year from Ipsy and Birchbox.

The lipstick is also nice.  I was surprised by the heavy and beautiful tube it came in (the tube makes me think of a gold tardis).  On the down side, I don’t wear red.  Even though I won’t use it personally, it was a great addition to the bag and was swapped for some Lush with one of my terrific swapping buddies.

I absolutely love the eye primer.  I had to try it right away.  I found that it works nice as a shadow base.  I love skin toned eye primers and this one went right into my “items I use often” cosmetic bag.

I haven’t tried the blush because it seems a little too dark for a pale girl like myself. However, the color looks like a shade my daughter will enjoy so I look forward to passing it on to her.  Any product that works for Miranda makes me happy.

The Mullen & Sparrow was not what I expected.  It looks so dark in the tin.  However, it has practically no color.  I was pretty disappointed in it as a tint and as a lip balm.  I also thought it was a little drying.  It felt moist when I first applied, but after about fifteen minutes, my lips felt tight and dry.

I noticed that a lot of people did not like this month’s bag.  It is actually one of my favorites.  I love the earthy feel of the material and the colorful strips in the weave.  I guess that is probably the hippie chick in me ❤

I was really hoping for the melted sample from Too Faced, which is my favorite brand. In spite of my disappointment about the lip and cheek stain, I still felt like this was a great month for Ipsy.


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