Brush Egg from AliExpress


I use a lot of prepaid gift cards when shopping online.  It keeps my credit card information safe and helps me budget money.  I only place the amount I can afford to spend that month on the card.  The only downside is that I end up with cards with small balances left on them.  The may contain anywhere from .48 Cents to 5.00.  I used to have a stack of these cards with minimal balances.  However, AliExpress is a great way to use up those little amounts.  I have placed orders for under .50 Cents in the past to use up a card (one was for a set of cute kitten waterslide decals for nails).  Recently I purchased a couple of Brush Eggs from AliExpress as a way to use up a card that had a balance under $4.

Here is the original Brush Egg on Amazon for $9.99:

Here is the AliExpress link I used to purchase two brush eggs for $1.51 each:

I believe the AliExpress knockoff is just as good as the original.  (In fact, they look egg-actly alike….LOL) It fits nice and snug on my fingers so I can really give my brushes a good scrubbing.  It is a great way to try a brush egg at a fraction of the cost.  However, it does come from overseas and the shipping will take around 3 weeks (and sometimes a little more).


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