May the 4th Be With You – FCS

20150509_170127My eight-year-old son is such a fan of both Star Wars and Bath Bombs that I knew I had to order something from the May The Forth Be With You mini collection from Fortune Cookie Soap.  I was trying hard to be good budget wise, so I managed to keep my order down to three items.  I got the HTAED RATS (Death Star) bath bomb, which is huge and has a great fruity/coconut scent that is just perfect for a little boy.  For myself I bought the Pump Up Your Saber OCD because I am OCD about hand sanitizers and the Wookie Cookie Soap.  However, after one sniff of the soap, Adam quickly declared that it was his as well.  (Maybe we’ll have to get out some lightsabers and battle over it later).

20150509_170321I was surprised to see this little sample in my box.  This is Second Star to the Right, Whipped Cream.  I think it has a sweet spearmint scent; it also has a subtle sparkle.  This really has me looking forward to the Summer Box of Peter Pan themed goodies!  The scent is so alluring, It really does make me believe that almost anything is possible!



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I'm a 46-year-old, mother of two.
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