Want $50.00 free?


Happy Tuesday Readers!

If you would like to get $50.00 is free beauty supplies here is how to do it in five easy steps:

1. go to https://beautykind.us/

2. Sign up

3. Pick $50’s worth of merchandise (if you pick exactly 50.00 your total will be 0, if you pick less you will have to pay shipping, and if you pick more, you will have to pay for anything over 50.00)

4. Put in the code love50 to take 50.00 off your total

5. Checkout ( you will still need to put in a credit or debit card number to finish the checkout process, even if your balance if 0.  I used a prepaid debit card that had a balance of about 1.25 to finish checking out.)

As an extra step, leave a comment below and tell me what you got for free!  Like what you see?  Follow my blog by email or by wordpress for more great deals.

***This code was shared with me by Gaby, feel free to stop by her blog and say thank you: http://www.beautybygaby.blogspot.com/  ****


About glendagosey

I'm a 46-year-old, mother of two.
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4 Responses to Want $50.00 free?

  1. Thanks for the info! I ordered 2 bottles of rice facial cleanser… Excited to try, as it’s a new product for me 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for this little cheat! I just used it to get a lip crayon, an eye highlighter and some eucalyptus soap. My boyfriend is also using the code for himself.

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