Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Box

20150517_093507_Richtone(HDR)I loved the Summer Box from Fortune Cookie Soap.  When I first saw the tiny sizes, I was thinking that the box was not worth the price of $19.95, but then I learned about the $10.00 dollar code that subscribers also get.  That means the contents of the box plus shipping are really only $9.95.  I love pear scents, so Wendy Bird is the perfect scent for me.  I have been using the deodorant all week and it works great!  I also love the perfume, which, to me, smells like fruit and toasted coconut.  Tink is a great OCD, but I don’t know if I would like it in other products.  Second Star to the Right is another fantastic fruity scent; I can hardly wait to use the soap.  I am looking forward to tonight’s launch so that I can grab a bath bomb, some more deodorant, and hopefully a couple of wax tarts in these great scents….see you at 6pm


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I'm a 46-year-old, mother of two.
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2 Responses to Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Box

  1. starkwe says:

    I forgot all about the launch!


    • glendagosey says:

      Oh no! I had to set an alarm on my phone and I still was unable to get the deodorant I wanted because it sold out. Don’t worry, a little birdie told me that the Summer items should be back in stock tomorrow.

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