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Because I am an independent Posh consultant, I try not to talk about Posh too often in my blog.  However, the recruiting exclusive this month is too awesome not to mention.  The original Snarky bar, the Lil Snarky hand cream, and the Snarky body butter are some of my favorite Posh products.  Recruits who join in June will receive an Exclusive Posh product, the Snarky Body Mist.  You can also pick between two enrollment kits, both cost $99 and include nearly $300.00 in Posh products.  Believe me, it’s a tough choice.

When I first joined Posh, I only wanted the kit.  Let’s face it, the kit is a phenomenal deal.  However, the incentives for new recruits really grabbed my attention.  In my first ninety days, I earned over $300.00 in free products and sales merchandise.  After that I was hooked on both selling and using Posh products.  Sometimes customers feel embarrassed because they want to join simply for the kit and with no intentions of selling.  I think it is great when people sign up just to score a started kit.  You will not only receive your great products in the kit, but you will also receive commission on the products you buy for yourself (and after using Posh, you will be buying products for yourself)!  Commision starts at 20% and can only go up from there.

If you want to give Posh a try or just want to score a great enrollment kit (an June’s limited edition product) check out my link:    https://www.perfectlyposh.com/glendagosey/join

If you have any questions you can contact me on Facebook (see the link below) or leave a message and I’ll be happy to email you or message you on Facebook.


About glendagosey

I'm a 46-year-old, mother of two.
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