Nature Wise Weight Management Supplements On-going Review


I received these products from Nature Wise today for review.  I am looking forward to trying both the Advance Detox and Cleanse and 5-HTP over the next 30 days.  I am looking to improve my mood and lose a few pounds.  I took my first dose of Advanced Detox and Cleanse today.  I plan to use the detox for a week and then begin the 5-HTP.  I will post an update every few days to share my progress.   I will post more information about each product below.

20150713_150717According to the Nature Wise website, Advance Detox and Cleanse is a  doctor-formulated cleanse contains a holistic blend of herbs and enzymes formulated to detoxify the colon and promote healthy digestion. They have added prebiotics to the formula to help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon, and the use of clinically-proven DRcaps® capsules protect ingredients from stomach acidity to deliver maximum benefits to the lower GI tract. Occasional colon cleansing can provide further benefit as a catalyst for many diet and weight-loss programs.


I am especially looking forward to trying the 5-HTP which  was inspired by the belief that mood and weight are interconnected. Each serving provides natural mood-enhancing ingredients to promote well-being and sleep for better appetite control. NatureWise 5-HTP Plus+ also includes vitamin B6, to aid 5-HTP’s conversion to serotonin.

I will list some of the reason that I became so interested in Nature Wise products below

  • Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Contains no artificial ingredients
  • Customers have phone access to a  professionally trained and personal customer service team, who will answer questions.
  • Nature Wise is NSF certified

I look forward to updating you after I have had a chance to experience the products for myself.

Day 5:

After taking the Advanced Detox & Cleanse for five days I really feel great.  It wasn’t anything like I expected.  I did not have any bathroom emergencies or cramps.  I just feel better and my digestion process seems to be running smoother.  I am really looking forward to starting the 5-HTP plus next week!


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