BoxyCharm April 2015



Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Pallette (19.95)

Ofra Derma Mineral Powder – Pink Sapphire (35.00)

Coolway Smoothing Lotion (24.95)

Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil – Passion & Spring Rose (26.00)

Harvey Prince Mini Roller Fragrance – Hello (21.00)


I am very happy with April’s BoxyCharm box.  About three or four months ago, we received the Revealed palette.  This month’s box contained the Revealed 2, and I hope that we receive Revealed 3 in one of the upcoming boxes.  Of the three Coastal Scent palettes, Revealed 3 is by far my favorite because I love pinks, purples, and mauve colors.  The Revealed 2 is my second favorite because it contains a few of the colors I love.

When I first heard about the Ofra Mineral Powder, I was not excited about receiving it. However, I love it.  It is wonderful for a highlighter.  A tiny, tiny amount on the cheekbone or the brow bone gives all-day highlighting.  I also love to dust it across my collarbones for a subtle glow.  The instructions say it can even be applied to hair for a sparkly effect.  I think this product will last a very long time.  I have used it four times and have only used the little bit of dust clinging to the lid.  This may be my favorite product in the whole box.

I also love the Vincent Longo Lip Pencil.  Both colors are beautiful fall-like colors.  Passion is a matte pencil in a chocolate color and Spring Rose is a shimmery pencil with a little chocolate/pink tone. The pencil is long wearing and not as drying as many pencils seem to be.  It might have been nice to get this is some colors more fitting for Spring, but I know I will use this come Winter and Fall.

The Coolway smoothing lotion looks like a great product.  However, my hair is already straight and frizz is not really a problem for me.  According to the box, the product smoothes hair for all day control, Eliminates Frizz and protects from humidity, Hydrates hair for improved luster, and leaves naturally straight and smooth.  I have not tried the Coolway because I’m honestly on the fence about placing this one on my swap board.  I do like products that hydrate hair, but I have several other products that do this in my collection of hair products.  I think I will put this one on my swap board and see what happens.  If it is still unclaimed after a few weeks, I may pull it and give it a try.

And, Last and least, the Harvey Prince Roller ball.  I have tried many of the Harvey Prince perfume samples that seem to populate all the subs.  I have only liked one scent, Sincerely, and it is still not a favorite.  This is one product that I will be placing on my swap board and hopefully passing on to someone who will enjoy it.

The total for this month’s box is $126.90.  My total is probably different from what you may see from BoxyCharm.  I look up the products, see what they cost at various sites, and use these prices to determine the value.  For a $21.oo investment, this box still offers a profit of over one hundred dollars.

Anyone who is interested in this box can receive the April box by joining before the end of the month:


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